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The 32 Gun Frigate Winchelsea (1764) is a plank-on-bulkhead project for the semi scratch modeler.  The project is 1/48 Scale (1/4-inch = 1-foot).

Brought to you by Syren Ship Model Company and the Nautical Research Guild in partnership as a group project on Model Ship World

The aim of this group project is to create a steppingstone for the first-time scratch builder. The subject will not be a tiny schooner or cutter which is typical. It will be an accurate and detailed presentation of a quintessential Royal Navy frigate. The main goal is to introduce you to new modeling techniques and the architectural elements of a frigate you wouldn't have had the opportunity to model while building a traditional mass-produced kit. In the end it should make it less daunting to make that leap into fully framed ship modeling.

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About HMS Winchelsea

HMS Winchelsea was a 32-gun fifth-rate Niger-class frigate and was the sixth Royal Navy ship to bear this name. She was ordered during the Seven Years' War, but was completed too late for that conflict and was put into service in 1769.

She saw service during the American War of Independence and was later refitted as a troop ship at Portsmouth Dockyard in 1799-1800.