Thin Strip Saw Jig

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The Thin Strip Saw Jig is an NRG exclusive, designed specifically for creating thin strips accurately and safely. 

A must-have for any modeler who wants to cut their own wood strips for hull planking, decking, or any other use.

How it Works

Easily cut thin wood strips with identical widths without any additional measuring after the first strip.  

After setting the jig for the first strip's width, just move your saw's fence for each additional strip and the jig will keep each strip's thickness the same.

The NRG's Thin Strip Saw Jig is also designed to cut strips to the outside of the blade.  This removes the risk of trapping strips between the blade and the fence, improving safety and accuracy during cutting.

Download the Instructions (PDF, FREE)

Table Saw Compatibility

  • Byrnes table saw
  • Preac table saws
  • Any small table saw with a 1/2-inch-wide miter slot that is at least 1/8-inch deep.