Nautical Research Journal Volume 66.3 Back Issue

Nautical Research Journal Volume 66.3 Back Issue

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The Nautical Research Guild Volume 66.3 was originally published in the fall of 2021. A limited number of original printed copies are available.

Limited quantity available. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Volume 66.3 includes:

  • Thoughts on ship decoration by Richard Simon
  • Capturing the colors by Chuck Bauer
  • The new dimension of paper models by Karol Budniak
  • Repairing a 40-gun prisoner-of-war bone model, Part 1 by Dan Pariser
  • Keelboats and their ilk by David Purdy
  • Fabrication of the galley Washington of 1776, Part 1 by Gilbert McArdle
  • Neptunia No. 302
  • Editorial: A brief glance back over time by Paul E. Fontenoy
  • Tips & Techniques, featuring Undoing glue joints by Kurt Van Dahm
  • Book Reviews