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Some of the most daunting steps in building a sailing ship model are the masting and rigging.  In fact, this is the most common time that a kit is abandoned.  Well done rigging draws oohs and aahs at every model show.  The purpose of this kit is to teach the novice and intermediate model builder the basics of how to mast and rig a ship.  The subject for this project is a waterline 1:48 scale cross-section of a late eighteenth-century British sloop of war, Swallow 1779.  To keep the size of the model more manageable, only the center portion of the lower yard and the lower part of the topmast are constructed. The overall dimensions of the model are 6.5” x 7.5” x 14”, making it a perfect size for desktop display.

The kit teaches the modeler how to make a mast and spar from square stock. You will also learn how to construct and install the channels, chains and top.  The mast will be fitted with pendants, shrouds and ratlines.  Because this is a cross-section model, certain lines, such as the stays, are not included. The emphasis is on learning the requisite techniques to improve rigging skills and eliminate the overwhelmed feeling when the masting is started. 

All the materials necessary to build the kit are included.  We have provided the highest quality materials available.  All of the line is from Ropes of Scale and the laser cut parts are from Blue Jacket.  There are no square blocks in this kit!

About the Kit 

To complete the model as described requires a serving machine but if you do not own one you can still construct a very nice model.  The other types equipment required are common hand tools, a digital caliper, sandpaper and paint. 

In addition to construction materials, the kit includes a 126 page, fully-illustrated, full-color, downloadable monograph.  This PDF format monograph may either be printed for easy reference in the shop or viewed on your computer.

Downloadable Monograph

The kit's downloadable monograph will be sent to you via email after your order has been  placed.  The monograph is in PDF format and requires the ability to view PDFs on your computer.  Click here to learn more about viewing PDF files.

See the Build Log

Still have more questions? Model Ship World has a complete build log at .