18th-Century Merchantman Half-Hull Planking Kit

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Whether at a club meeting, at the Nautical Research Guild Conference, or on Model Ship World, one of the most frequently asked questions is how do I plank a hull. In response, the NRG has developed its first kit: a half-hull of an 18th century merchant ship. The purpose of the kit is to teach the novice model builder how to plank a hull the way it was actually done in the shipyard.This process is known as spiling.

The kit includes all the materials needed to produce the half-hull.The downloadable monograph takes the builder step-by-step through the process of planking the hull. 

About the Kit

The NRG selected this hull because the shape allows the builder to experience nearly every technique needed in planking, from long, fairly straight runs to tight compound curves. Mastering this hull will give you a solid basis for planking almost anything!

Our kit includes a clean, well-laid-out, and easily readable sheet of plans. Additionally, we provide a complete set of materials to construct this handsome half-hull…including a bit extra for learning from our mistakes! Of course, we don’t provide everything. Builders will need to provide their own tools, a building board, glue, and any paints or varnishes for finishing the project. This kit is appropriate for both modelers new to planking and more experienced modelers who would like a refresher on the basics.

In addition to construction materials, this kit includes a fully-illustrated, full-color, downloadable monograph. The monograph walks the builder through each step of planking the hull. This monograph may either be printed for easy reference in the shop or viewed online.

Still have more questions? Model Ship World has a full build log as well as a strong, very knowledgeable community ready to help you with your questions!

Downloadable Monograph

The kit's downloadable monograph will be sent to you after your order is placed.  The monograph is in PDF format, and requires the ability to view PDFs on your computer.  Click here to learn more about viewing PDF files.