Nautical Research Journal Volume 67 Special Edition

Nautical Research Journal Volume 67 Special Edition

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The Nautical Research Guild Volume 67 Special Edition - Small Boats is available as a digital download.  The download will be sent by our office staff during office hours after payment is made.  Thank you for your patience.

The special edition includes:

  • Editorial, The Nautical Research Journal’s first special edition by Paul Fontenoy
  • A coffee swizzle model of Howard I. Chapelle’s Seal Cove skiff by Dan Brummer
  • Modeling a seventeenth-century Dutch galliot by Charles Cozewith
  • Gerda III: The making of the model by Irwin Schuster
  • Laud Catalan: A Barcelona fishing vessel by Gilbert McArdle
  • The single-hole Aleutian kayak frame by Alan O’Neill
  • Lady Fay: A model of a restored Muskoka boat built by Greavette Boats in 1932 by Ray Peacock

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