Galley Washington 1776 Plans

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This project was designed for the NRG by Jeff Staudt. There are ten sheets of plans along with a monograph detailing every step in its construction.   This is a POF model.  

About the Galley Washington

The Continental Galley Washington was a lateen-rigged, two-masted row galley built in the autumn of 1776 on Lake Champlain at Skenesboro N.Y. On October 6 1776, she joined the small fleet established and commanded by Brigadier General Benedict Arnold. Washington was among Arnold's ships that anchored in the narrow body of water between the western shore of Lake Champlain and Valcour Island to await the expected British move. On October 11th the British attacked from leeward. As a result of the battle Washington suffered the heaviest damage to the American fleet.

Arnold regrouped his fleet and slipped past the British fleet in a desperate attempt to escape. However, they caught the retreating Continental force on October 13th, at Split Rock near Crown Point. Arnold managed to beach and destroy four of the galleys and his own flagship, Congress, while most of the remaining ships escaped upriver. Washington, at the rear of the van, was captured by the enemy; she struck her colors, as Arnold reported later, "... after receiving a few broadsides." After her capture Washington was repaired and put into British service on the lake. It was during this period that her lines were taken off - a process by which drawings were made to show graphically how the ship appeared. The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, UK retains an original copy of this drawing, and is the basis on which the plans for the model were created.

Detailed Plans and Monograph

The plans, and step-by-step monograph, are designed as an introduction to building a plank-on-frame (POF) style model. Created primarily for a beginning to intermediate level of skill or experience, the Washington is a somewhat unique vessel that other individuals will find interesting as well.

In a sense a POF model is built like an original ship was constructed, only in miniature. Starting with the keel, progressing through the framing, deck, planking, etc. As an example, the following illustration shows a typical frame member being constructed, and assembled to the keel. For anyone who's never built this style of model the task might appear to be daunting.  However, by following a methodical step-by-step progression, as well as patience and perseverance you'll create a beautiful ship which you can be proud of. 

Download Galley Washington 1776 Monograph

Download the Wood List

Download / Print the Flag

About Jeff Staudt

Jeff Staudt has worked for over 30 years in the publications industry as a technical illustrator and writer. He's designed and scratch built model ships for 11 years for personal enjoyment, as well as offering plans to the model shipbuilding community. One notable set of plans being the Bomb Vessel Granado cross section. Jeff and his wife Beverly live in Tipp City Ohio.

System Requirements

The downloadable documents are provided in the standard Adobe PDF format.  You will need the the ability to view PDFs on your computer.  Click here to learn more about viewing PDFs.