Capstan Project

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You love building ship models. Their construction is challenging but the final product is a thing of beauty. There are inherent problems with ship models; they take a long time to build and, once completed, they consume a lot of display space.

The Capstan Project practicum addresses both of these problems while, at the same time, challenging the model builder and producing a model you will be proud to display.

This practicum is provided as a PDF download. You will be able to download it immediately after ordering.

The subject of this practicum is a single British capstan circa 1777. It is installed on its step and it actually turns. The practicum will also teach you how to construct hatch coamings and gratings.

Includes Advanced and Intermediate Versions

This practicum is provided in two versions.  The Intermediate version is aimed at the model builder whose only power tools are a hobby-sized circular saw and a Dremel-style rotary tool.  

The Advanced version also requires use of a lathe and mill. With either version, it is assumed that the builder owns a variety of hand tools, including knives and chisels and a way to sharpen them.

Both practicums include a detailed instruction manual and 29 sheets of fully dimensioned plans. The practicums are downloaded as .pdf files. Choose the scale you want to build in and dimension your own lumber. No materials are supplied. In 1:16 (3/4”) scale, the model measures 6” x 6” without the capstan bars installed and 12” x 12” with them installed.

See the Build Log

The build log for this project can be found on Model Ship World.  Click here to visit the build log. 

System Requirements

These articles are provided in the standard Adobe PDF format. The PDF will be available for download shortly after your order is processed.   You will need the ability to view PDFs on your computer. Click here to learn more about viewing PDFs.