Articles from Volume 47

Articles from Volume 47

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Articles from back issues of The Nautical Research Journal, Volume 47 (2002). Select the specific article above.

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Available Articles

  • Dos Amigos by J. R. McCleary
  • Making and Using a Simple, Inexpensive Dividing Head by N. Roger Cole
  • Royal Mail Steam Ship Scotia 1862-1876 by Paul D. Edwards
  • 110-Foot USCG Tugs by Charles S. Fox
  • Researching Snow Squall (1851-1864) by Nicholas Dean
  • Snohomish by David M. Blanchard
  • A "New" Fair Haven Sharpie by Rob Napier
  • New York Sojourn by Rob Napier
  • The Carvings of Nonsuch by Jean K. Eckert
  • USCG Tug Mahoning by Charles S. Fox
  • The Popham Colony's Virginia by John W. Bradford
  • NAUTICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: The Monitor Expedition—2002 by John F. Cheevers
  • RESEARCH ADVICE: American Marine Beam Engines by Alan D. Frazer
  • The Schooner Yacht Chance: A SHIP MODEL THAT OUGHT TO BE BUILT by Randle M. Biddle
  • The Colonial Cruiser HMS Katoomba by Lindsey Shaw

Please note:

This Volume originally contained the latter parts of these articles, which are combined fully in Volume 46.

  • The Steam Yacht Medea by Gus Agustin
  • The Racine Boat Manufacturing Company by Stephen E. Wheeler

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