Articles from Volume 45

Articles from Volume 45

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Articles from back issues of The Nautical Research Journal, Volume 45 (2000). Select the specific article above.

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Available Articles

  • Coppering a Clenched-Lap Hull: BUILDING THE NAVAL CUTTER ALERT by N. Roger Cole
  • Here Today, Maybe Gone Tomorrow Ephemeral Materials in Ship Models by Dana Wegner
  • The California Long-Boom Clamshell Dredge by John Thompson
  • August Fletcher Crabtree THE MAN, THE ARTIST, THE SHIPWRIGHT by Vincent Scott
  • The Racine Hardware Manufacturing Company by Stephen E. Wheeler
  • Elements of Quality: Art and Accuracy in Ship Models by Sid Siegel, M.D.
  • In Search of Fair American by Arthur R. Herrick Jr.
  • Nineteenth-Century Building Instructions: USS Saginaw by J. R. McCleary
  • Phantom Shipyard on the Delaware by Michael Bernstein
  • MAKING BLUE GOOSE'S ENGINE: The Buda by Kenneth E. Folsom
  • Proportions and Sizes of Blocks by N. Roger Cole
  • The Navy Model Collection of the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum: Sailing Beauties by Marten W. Aten

Please note:

This Volume originally contained the latter parts of these articles, which are combined fully in Volume 44.

  • Reconstructing USS Kearsarge, 1864: A Tale of Two Models by Arthur C. Roberts, M.D.
  • Building an Admiralty Model of HMS Cyane by Gilbert McArdle, M.D.

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