Articles from Volume 41

Articles from Volume 41

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Articles from back issues of The Nautical Research Journal, Volume 41 (1996). Select the specific article above.

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Available Articles

  • Heralds of a Modern American Navy: Protected Cruisers Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago BY WILLIAM H. THIESEN
  • Notes on Building and Arming the Steam Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane BY CHARLES J. PARKER, JR.
  • Ship Models Go to War BY EDWARD P. VON DER PORTEN
  • The Continental Frigate Raleigh BY HAROLD M. HAHN
  • Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago Appended, Compiled by William H. Thiesen
  • Lost by Two Navies: HMS Epervier, A Most Un-fortunate Ship BY J.R. MCCLEARY
  • Taking the Act on the Road or You Bust 'Em, We Dust 'Em BY ROB NAPIER
  • Transferring a Ship-Form from Model to Plan BY EDWARD G. BROWNLEE
  • A Timeline for Sooloo BY ROB NAPIER
  • Building an Eighteenth-Century Made Mast BY JOHN M. BOBBITT, MD
  • Make Ready the Jib Topsails Puritan and Genesta, 1885 — An Experimental Diorama BY JUSTIN CAMARATA
  • White Wings — The Boat and The Model BY ROLAND D. KALAYJIAN
  • Experiments in Square-Rigged Sailing BY CHRISTOPHER MORRISON
  • Great Lakes Barge Schooner of About 1886 BY PETER C. BAKER, PHD AND CECILIE A. GOODRICH, PHD
  • Notes on the Swedish Warship Vasa of 1628 BY EDWARD P. VON DER PORTEN
  • The Au Sable River Boat BY HOUGHTON C. SMITH
  • Vincent's Cove in the 1870s, A Pictorial Record of Gloucester Shipbuilding BY ERIK A.R. RONNBERG, JR.

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